By day I am the creative director at a pr/marketing company, by night I don an echidna-themed spandex costume in order to fight crime or, on a slow night, craft or cook in our little house.

Having grown up in a creative household of teachers / artists / gourmet wizards and fashionistas (I know that sounds like I lived in a some magical hotel of awesomeness but it was really just my mum, dad and sister) I was exposed to the wonderful world of handcrafting and construction from a very early age. I have always found joy in making things with my own hands and welcome the challenge of trying to come up with a creative solution to a problem whenever possible

I love to watch romantic British period films which have lots of dress coats, corsets and elaborately styled hair-dos, browse through Japanese craft books, read trashy teen fantasy books (if it has a vampire or a warewolf in it I am reading it), pitter-potter around in my little container garden, and many other things that involve making delicious baked goods or eating them!

I originally hail from down under but have set up home here in California for the time being with my hubby and two little ones.