Over the last 8 years I have been floating around aimlessly in the world of craft, creation and innovation. I don’t what what has changed lately for me, but I have suddenly unearthed an enormous ‘want’ to make some positive change in my life. I am not sure if it has been spurred on by my kids getting older and idea of passing lifetime knowledge on to them, or just that I want to make some kind of difference in how we live and be able to take pride in achieving something again.
I started listening to a podcast. This was the gateway drug for me. On my walks home from work I took a break from my totally awesome escapism D&D live-play podcasts (Drunks & Dragons and The Adventure Zone) and started listening to a humble podcast called “Living Homegrown” by Theresa Loe. This podcast is a great balance of enthusiastic master knowledge on canning and preserving, and, relevant interviews with others making there way in the world of homesteading, permaculture and sustainable living. Theresa is a down-to-earth, patient and thorough teacher, and her podcasts (and blog) are perfect for anyone out there wanting and introduction to understanding the basics in preserving, canning, gardening, chicken keeping …. etc. I found myself looking forward to my walk home just so I could listen to more inspiring insider information she had to offer.

I am going to try to blog about my journey because I am pretty green at this, I did try my hand at kombucha a couple of years ago, but I really never felt confident that I wasn’t going to poison myself, so, I am starting again, a lot more informed and willing to trust in the process. I hope that my bumbling through this will help other newbies out too